August 19 2008

“Absolution” by Erin McKnight (story) read by Maggie Hughes

"Absolution" is one writer's journey into a personal history littered with coal mines.  The ancestors that toiled in these depths provide the inspiration for this piece of creative nonfiction—as well as every written word that shall follow.

R&T Pushcart nominee for 2007.

August 18 2008

“Integration Under the Midnight Sun” by Adnan Mahmutovic (story) read by Wil Hough

Under the cold summer sun in northern Scandinavia, Bosnian Almasa finds refuge from her ghosts in the company of quirky women.

R&T Pushcart nominee for 2007.

August 12 2008

“After Birth” by Adam Peichert (short story)

Every day of the fair, the Maryland 4-H puts together a set of exhibits. Today the displays revolve around animal birth.

R&T Pushcart nominee for 2005. Read it at //


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